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MyOnlyGift is a free online journal managed by a bunch of geeks who love shopping online. 

Our philosophy is simple: we solely favor showing the coolest stuff you can discover and purchase on the web. We are not fascinated in spamming/throwing out any boring or lame merchandise at you – when you go to Myonlygift you’ll see Top Products for your loved ones, interesting, innovative, simple, and unique. 

We may earn a small commission through product referral, however this is not the only motivation for showcasing the item. At times we find products with top ratings but when you actually get the product you get dissappointed. This is where MyOnlyGift comes into play, we regularly review products so that the client buys the right product according to their requirement. 

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    Shahjahan Najeeb 

    Lead Developer

    Hannah Ari

    General Manager

    Amjad Zaman

    Senior Editor

    Alenka Russian 

    Creative Designer 

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